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She Runs Campaign School is back this SEPTEMBER!!!

We believe more women should take their rightful place in politics and so do you otherwise you would not be here today! Have you often found yourself asking where are all the women in political leadership position or in fact in any leadership position?

Now, more than ever, all levels of government require a diverse group of people devising and implementing policies to address new challenges. We are at a tipping point globally for more equal female representation in politics.

Our Campaign School will commence on the 25th of September, running for 4 weeks ending on the 16th of October - every Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm. There will also be a graduation ceremony at the Parliament House on 27th of October 2021 at 4pm.

✓  Fill out our 2021 Campaign School Application form.


✓ Upload your favourite headshot.

✓ Record and upload a short (<1 mins) video of yourself explaining why you'd make a good 2021 Campaign School Fellow.

 Make sure you can attend 4 out of the 5 sessions.

✓ Apply by  1st of September 2021 at 5pm.


✓ Wait... Successful applicants will be notified the following week. 

The price of comparable programmes can be thousands of dollars. The costs of our Campaign School are subsidised by grant funding and contributions from our Board. Fellows who are employed full time are asked to pay a modest fee. This fee is applied to the costs of the Campaign School, and also supports other participants who have less capacity to pay. We define full time employment as an annual income of > AUD 60,000 (pre-tax). Selected 2021 Fellows in full time employment are asked to pay a contribution of AUD 250 by September 13, 2021.

Portrait photograph of SheRuns 2020 fellow Nyat Mulugeta

Nyat Mulugeta

Participating in the She Runs program has reinforced in me the importance of encouraging young women, especially young women of colour to become more involved in decision-making bodies. We need greater diversity to build a more just and fair society. It's time to smash the patriarchy and run!

Portrait photograph of SheRuns 2020 fellow Katherine Ong

Katherine Ong

She Runs increased my confidence in running for politics. I used to think that politics wasn't for me because of my appearance, my accent and the fact that I come from a different country. However, after listening to different politicians/journalists/party members, I realised that my passion for social justice and my personal experiences are my strengths, not my weaknesses.

Portrait photograph of SheRuns 2020 fellow Georgie Carey

Georgie Carey

[I]f we want to work towards achieving gender equality in positions of decision-making, then we need to be actively working to dismantle the barriers that prevent women from getting involved in politics at all levels. Programs like She Runs are vital in providing the networks, skills and knowledge to empower women to play an active role in civic life.

Here's what our 2020 Fellows had to say... 


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